“My shampoo left my hair feeling fresh, clean, luxurious… it was even better knowing I made it myself and my Grandmother would approve”

- Martine M Saint-Vil, Founder & Owner


Founded by Martine M. Saint-Vil in 2020, ST. Provence comes from a love of natural hair products. While her professional background is in corporate finance, Martine was raised with an appreciation of the healing properties of vitamin E, aloe, rosemary, thyme and many other herbs and oils. Martine always experienced excessively dry scalp and as she transitioned from chemically straightened hair, the problem was compounded with shedding, a thinning hairline and sections of hair that essentially lacked any visible curl pattern- it was time to cut it off and start over. After a 'big chop' Martine began creating shampoos and scalp treatments based in the herbs and oils she was raised on. Following the improved health of her scalp and texture of her hair, Martine began to share the products with friends and family. Witnessing a consistent improvement on a range of hair textures and scalp issues, Martine decided to create ST. Provence.


ST. Provence products use natural blends of plants, herbs and oils to improve health and beauty. Our signature collection revitalizes hair by focusing on the health of the scalp. Our products are designed to detoxify follicles, exfoliate dead skin cells, reduce excess oils and increase blood circulation in the scalp. Consistent use of our products leads to soothed scalp, thicker hair and smooth cuticles and will improve the effectiveness of your favorite styling products.